Green Building Advisor Article

26 05 2010

A nice write up about the “Passive House in the Woods” by Richard Defendorf

Click here to view the article about the Passive House in the Woods.


Open House

24 05 2010


We had our first open house at the “Passive House in the Woods” of Friday the 21st.  Tours were given by Tim Eian, the designer and Passive House Consultant at 12:00, 1:30, and 3:30.  It was a good time to see the structure and mechanical systems in the house, most of the plumbing electrical, and ventilation rough ins are completed. You could also take a look at the 11″ foam package that is being installed on the exterior of the house. There are two layers of 4″ EPS and one layer of 3″ EPS for a total of 11″. Combining it with the 11″ Reward Insulated Concrete Forms gives a total wall thickness of 22″. Not too shabby.

Another highlight of the day was the arrival of the windows from Germany. After many weeks of speculation they arrived on our doorstep at 6am for an early morning unload. Thankfully everything arrived intact and in good order. With a little luck, and some sound advice from an experienced installer, the windows will be set in their permanent home in a day or two.