The Season for Ice Dams

20 01 2011

If you look up at your roof and see a wall of ice building up on your eaves, it may be time to take some action to prevent damage to the roof or even walls and finishes below.  Some ice dams seem to be unavoidable because of the melting action of the sun or specific weather patterns hovering near freezing.  Other ice dams are formed when heat escaping from the house melts snow on the roof which then refreezes at the eaves which typically stay as cold as the air outside.  This is one of the main purposes of venting the attic…so that the warmth from the house escapes through the attic vents before it can melt the snow on the roof.  There can be problems with enough venting and there can be problems caused by too much venting, actually helping to pull additional heat and moisture into the attic space which can cause additional problems.  Morr Construction has been at the forefront of builders and remodelers in this area for several years and can fix or mitigate problems associated with heat loss and ice dams.  Whether you need immediate or longer term solutions, Morr Construction can supply the knowledge and expertise to correct your particular ice dam problem.  Stay tuned for more attic insulation information and solutions!

Posted by Steve Swanson




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